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2016 Season

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Place Name Fish Weight
1. John Buck 10 27.24
2. Tony Boyett 9 21.84
3. Lee Brannon 10 20.93
4. Matt Brown 10 19.28
5. Jeff Weaver 10 19.01
6. Buddy Yates 10 18.38
7. Pete Potter 10 18.15
8. Mack Cramer 7 16.64

Tournament Results

Also Fished:

Hooyah!  Everyone caught fish!

Fishing as a guest: Brian Nall - 10 fish 17.00lbs

Place Name Fish Weight
9. Bob Jones 8 15.81
10. Cliff Armstrong 8 13.7
11. Dave Dyess 9 13.44
12. Carlito Silvania 7 12.32
13. Ron Bridges 2 4.13
14. Jere Jaillite 2 3.42
15. Herman Allday 1 2.58


The drive was a pain the hill was exhausting but we caught fish, excellent tournament, congratulations to our winners, and many thanks to those of you who organized the cook out, once again it was great. I would like to mention 2 things well maybe 3 or 4, first let’s try and get to the landing and in the water a little earlier and faster, makes it so much easier when everyone is in the water and ready to go before daylight. Secondly had a boater mention to me that his partner was a little slow on helping with the boat. Non Boaters, ask you boater what he would like for you to do, most of the time he will tell you I got it, so help get the trash out of the boat and putting ice in the cooler and just be there if he needs any help, Now don’t go getting all upset guy’s it was just a casual mention. As mention earlier the cook out was great but all you nose blowers out there, don’t blow your nose while people are eating that’s disgusting and rude. I did have one club member ask why the card games stopped; I had no answer for him anybody know why? Well guess it was only 3. Now let’s talk Millers Ferry, as most of you know I have turned over the tournament duties to Ole Don, now don’t go and give him a hard time, remember his age and temperament go easy. Also remember that if you are going up on Friday it’s your responsibility to call for the room. As all of you know I will be in Mexico fishing and I will miss being there with you guys but I’ll be catching fish too. So remember be safe on the water, respect where others are fishing and again go easy on Don.