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2016 Season

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Place Name Fish Weight
1. Jeff Weaver 2 4.38
2. John Buck 3 3.83
3. Dave Dyess 2 2.46
4. Mack Cramer 2 2.41
5. Frank Kelly 2 2.16
6. Marc Churchwell 1 1.33
7. Lee Brannon 1 1.32
8. Pete Potter 1 1.17

Tournament Results

Also Fished:

Cliff Armstrong, Tony Boyett, Matt Brown, Don Jahnke, Bob Jones, Thom Labelle, Dave Nason, Carlito Silvania

Place Name Fish Weight
9. Jere Jaillite 1 1.03
10. Dave Bock 1 0.94


 Once again it’s time for me to dig down in my ole tackle box and see what I can find that will catch fish. Obviously I didn’t find what was needed this past tournament on the Tensaw out of Hubbard’s. About the only high point of the tournament was the hot dog cook out after the tournament was over. A big thanks’ goes out to Don for the Cook out.

Next month we head to Lake Mitchell, hopefully a little cooler weather will be in store for us which just might turn on the spotted bass bite. I’m really looking forward to catching some spotted bass. Some tips you might want to consider is that 1, spotted bass like cooler water so fish a little deeper than normal, 2nd, spotted bass like the color green ,from green pumpkin to chartreuse, once hooked spotted bass fight hard and will make you think you have a 3 pounder and in reality it’s a pound and a half, that’s why they are fun to catch.

Rooms have been reserved for Friday and Saturday, anyone needing a room for Thursday night let me know and I will make the arrangements.

A meeting with the Northwest Florida Biologist has been set up. We are going to meet him for at Fournias Brothers Resturuant at 2pm on Wednesday the 21st of September. All club members are invited to come. Jot down any questions you may have for our guest, keep in mind this meeting is to educate us as a club on what options are available to us as a club, If any of us has a problem with the new law take it with your legislator, our guest is a messenger

Birthday Boy’s for Sept.

Terry Smith/Lee Brannon/Pete Potter


Be safe on the water and remember to respect where others are fishing.