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2016 Season

Founded in 1975

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Tournament Big Fish

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1st Place

First Place
2nd Place

Second Place
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Third Place
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Fourth Place

Place Name Fish Weight
1. Mack Cramer 5 6.94
2. John Buck 4 4.81
3. Jeff Weaver 5 4.75
4. Cliff Armstrong 3 4.71
5. Dave Bock 3 4.08
6. Carlito Silvania 4 3.94
7. Matt Brown 3 3.16
8. Kevin Simmons 3 3.02
9. Lee Brannon 2 2.72
10. Kevin Murphy 2 2.04

Tournament Results

Also Fished:

Jere Jaillite, John Schaeff

Place Name Fish Weight
11. Frank Dodge 2 2.04
12. Jim Bailey Sr. 2 1.94
13. Dan Nash 2 1.88
14. Michael Johnson 1 1.31
15. Randy Cole 1 1.18
16. Frank Kelly 1 1.09
17. Don Jahnke 1 1.05
18. Bob Jones 1 1.05
19.Pete Potter11.04
20.Marion Johnson10.99


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you and Happy New Year, Let's hope that the 2016 brings us much success and happiness.

The December tournament was held on Fish River and even though the fishing was a little slow the Hawgs still managed to catch some fish. The morning started off as usual with the exception of Randy Coles partner (Dan Nash) being late getting there and he lives closer than any of us to the river, I was teamed up with John Schaff (thank goodness he didn’t wear that God awful yellow shirt), anyway we headed up river and started hitting some areas I like to fish, At day's end I had 21 bites caught 9 fish with 6 keepers, John on the other hand had 3 bites and caught 1 non keeper, Guy's remember DON’T USE BRAIDED LINE IN CLEAR WATER. There was no question in my mind that braided line was the reason John didn’t get the bites, But John was a good partner. I was fortunate to take 1st place with a limit of fish that went 6.94 pounds. 2nd went to John Buck with 4 fish that 4.81 lbs. 3rd place went to Jeff Weaver with 3 fish that went 4.75 lbs. And rounding out the top 4 and in 4th place went to Cliff Armstrong with 3 fish that went 4.71 lbs and he also had big fish that weighed 2.03 lbs. Congrads to all of the winners. Seemed that the majority of the fish were caught in the river and on dark plastics, overall it was a good tournament. January the Hawgs will be headed to Tensaw River out of Cliff's. Hopefully the river will be back in its banks and cleared up a little we have had a lot of rain recently. There are so many different places to fish on Tensaw and each can present a different style of fishing, It's no secret I like to go south and fish the grass with spinner baits and small worms, others like the lakes and creeks up river, no matter which direction you go fish slow the bass are getting in their winter mode so fish sloooooow.

Our Birthday Boys for January are Marion Johnson/Jerre Jaillite/Kevin Simmons/Jess Weaver/Frank Dodge Happy Birthday Guy's

Nice To Know

Remember boater's have a winter bag in you boat in the event you or your partner fall in the water, the bag should contain the following

1. Towel/pants/shirt/underwear/socks/shoes/coat.

Having these items in your boat can quickly reverse hypothermia remember the worst thing you can do is get on a plane in your boat with your partner soaking wet.

Have a great 2016 and remember be safe and courteous on the water and respect where others are fishing and ask yourself “What’s in your Tackle Box”