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2016 Season

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Place Name Fish Weight
1. Jeff Weaver 5 6.98
2. John Buck 5 6.79
3. Carlito Silvania 5 6.65
4. Pete Potter 5 6.57
5. Don Jahnke 4 6.52
6. Mack Cramer 2 5.01
7. Michael Johnson 1 4.44
8. Dan Nash 1 4.29
9. Dave Bock 4 4.16
10. Kevin Simmons 3 4.00
11. Cliff Armstong 2 3.84
12. Buddy Yates 2 3.56

Tournament Results

Also Fished:

Matt Brown, Marc Churchwell, John Schaeff

Place Name Fish Weight
13. Jim Bailey 2 3.41
14. Randy Cole 2 2.52
15. Frank Kelly 2 2.28
16. Jere Jaillite 2 2.11
17. Bob Jones 2 2.00
18. Thom Labelle 1 1.72
19. Ron Bridges 1 1.69
20. Frank Dodge 1 1.57
21. Kevin Murphy 1 1.37
22. Marion Johnson 1 1.22


Did we have a nice tournament on fish river? I would say yes, the river was in good shape the weather was nice and no one got on a sandbar. Ooops there was one little incident of a land locked sandbar, seems Buddy Yates tried to do a turn around on the highway and wouldn't you know it the CHEVY got stuck, no 4 wheel drive , guess that limited slip or whatever they call it didn't work, needs to be on pavement, so anyway the FORD came to the rescue and pulled him out.

We all made it to fish river and the results were, 1st place with 5 fish at 6.98 lbs. Jeff Weaver/ 2nd place with 5 fish at 6.79 lbs. John Buck/ 3rd place with 5 fish at 6.65 lbs Carlito Sylvania/ and bringing up the rear with 5 fish at 6.57 lbs. Congratulations to all the winners. Oh Dan Nash won the Booray with a 4.39 lb fish, Unfortunately Michael Johnson had the big fish of the tournament with a 4.44 pounder but he wasn't in the booray.

Now let's talk about Lake Seminole, first we have room reservations at the Seminole Inn on the main highway.

If you are going up Thursday please get with me so I can make your reservations.

Remember this is our first cook-out for the 2016, these cook-out’s cost money so please help support these outings by participating in the 50/50. Now hopefully the rain will lay off for a while and let the rivers calm down, Seminole has lake fishing and river fishing, it also will be offering bedding bass while we are there, so the chance of a big fish is likely. Remember, your Georgia fishing license also for you Alabama residents, you will need both Florida and Georgia license.

Let's have a safe tournament and remember respect where others are fish.

No Birthday Boy’s for March