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2016 Season

Founded in 1975

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Place Name Fish Weight
1. Don Jahnke 5 6.67
2. Jere Jaillite 2 5.03
3. Pete Potter 4 4.80
4. Dave Bock 3 4.08
5. John Buck 2 2.93
6. Mack Cramer 2 2.91
7. Terry Smith 2 2.88
8. Jim Bailey, Sr. 2 2.82
9. Kevin Simmons 2 2.21
10. Carlito Silvania 1 1.84

Tournament Results

Also Fished:

Jere Jaillite, John Schaeff
Lee Brannon & Dave Dyess
(Not Sure if they fished at all
but they were there!)

Place Name Fish Weight
11. Marc Churchwell 1 1.15
12. Matt Brown 1 1.07


Brrrrrrr!!!!!! was it cold or what and a touch windy. Safe daylight found us at Cliffs Landing on the
Tensaw River and boy was it cold. The morning temperature was hovering around 29 to 32
degrees depending on who asked with a north wind blowing 15 to 25 MPH. this combination of
wind and temperature makes absolutely downright with no question undeniably Fricken Cold.
But the Hawgs stepped up to the plate and at blast off braved the elements and struck out to
search for the Micropterus Salmoides better known as the largemouth bass. My partner and I
(Tom Sembrot) headed south to one of my favorite creeks only to find muddy and basically
unfishable, so the the running began, At day’s end I had caught 2 keepers on a white
spinnerbait. Even though I had a hard day on the water it was nothing compared to the day Lee
Brannon and Dave Dyess had. It wasn't too long after my partner and I were fishing and my
phone rang, it was Lee Brannan, “Mack I’m stuck on a sandbar”, yep Lee was on a sandbar in
the mouth of Conway Creek. Not a good place to be on a day like we had, to keep my article
from being the size of a small paperback, I’ll fast forward to the end at approximately 2:14 pm I
get a call and it was Lee and the conversation was Free at Last, Free at Last good God almighty
we're free at last. So as you can see Lee and Dave spend some time on the sandbar, Oh almost
forgot cost him 180.00 to get off. Sounds like a shoe in for the Slammer. The weigh in proved to
be interesting, there were more fish caught than I thought would be, Ole Don Johnke took first
place with a nice limit of bass, see our newsletter to see the results. Good job Don
Well January is gone and in Feb we will be headed back to Fish River, what can I say it’s
winter time fish worms and fish slow.
Our Birthday boy’s for Feb. are Don Johnke/ Dave Dyess
Don’t forget the Super Bowl Party!!
Stay safe on the water and remember be courteous on the water and respect where
others are fishing and ask yourself “What’s in your Tackle Box”