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2016 Season

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Total Fish Caught:
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Place Name Fish Weight
1. Mack Cramer 5 9.9.48
2. Tony Boyett 5 6.36
3. Michael Johnson 4 4.84
4. Bob Jones 1 4.76
5. Jeff Weaver 3 2.70
6. Pete Potter 2 2.16
7. Buddy Yates 1 2.08
8. John Buck 2 1.67

Tournament Results

Also Fished:

Cliff Armstrong, Dave Bock, Matt Brown, Don Jahnke, Marion Johnson, Frank Kelly, Thom Labelle, Carlito Silvania, Terry Smith

Place Name Fish Weight
9. John Schaeff 2 1.63
10. Lee Brannon 1 1.45
11. Marc Churchwell 1 1.28
12. Jere Jaillite 1 1.26
13. Dave Nason 1 0.95


As usual Perdido River proved to stingy with the bass, total fish caught was 22 and we had 22 fisherman , One per man, not good but I guess it’s better than nothing , at least we were fishing and not doing honey do’s.

Now let’s talk about Tensaw out of Hubbard’s Landing. Past tournaments this time of year has proven to be what’s the word I’m looking for HOT, HOT, and HOT. Which makes fishing difficult but one thing to remember when fishing hot weather, find moving water you will find that moving water is cooler than still water and the fish have a tendency to bite better. Where is moving water you ask, well you have to pre fish and find it, can’t give out all my secrets, but I will tell you this the faster the better. Worms will probably be the ticket for this tournament but frogs and buzz baits can also be good.

Don’t forget Hot dogs (compliments of myself and Don) will be cooked up for the club following the tournament so bring a chair and something to drink for food and fellowship.


Be safe on the water and remember, respect where others are fishing
There are no Birthday Boy’s for August.