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2016 Season

Founded in 1975

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Tournament Big Fish

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1st Place

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2nd Place

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Third Place
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Place Name Fish Weight
1. Jeff Weaver 4 9.16
2. Pete Potter 5 8.05
3. Mack Cramer 5 7.72
4. Lee Brannon 4 6.64
5. Michael Johnson 5 5.72
6. Jere Jaillite 4 5.34
7. John Schaeff 4 5.19
8. Bob Jones 2 2.24

Tournament Results

Also Fished:

Cliff Armstrong, Tony Boyett, Don Jahnke, Frank Kelly, Terry Smith

Place Name Fish Weight
9. Dave Bock 1 1.89
10. Carlito Silvania 1 1.57
11. Herman Allday 1 1.46
12. Marion Johnson 1 1.01


I’m Back and I want to thank Don Jahnke and John Buck for taking care of my chores while I was in Mexico, I did discover however that my first trip to Mexico was Dec 1981 and not 1982, I found some old pictures of me and Rocky Grosjean on our first trip and they were dated 1981, so that means December of 2016 will be 35 years, WoW!! Time flies, anyway thanks guys.

The June Tournament found the Hawgs on the Tensaw River out of life oak landing, such a nice place to hold a tournament, but we still have people backing down the ramp with the headlights on blinding other people trying to launch their boat, C’mon guys turn off your lights it’s not that hard to do.

 It was a little foggy but that didn’t stop us and actually if you were going south it cleared up not too far down the river. Me and my partner Terry Smith headed south to the grass, I saw others headed north, all in all it really wasn’t that hot, basically a pretty nice day.

We weighed in a 1pm (a new time) and at the conclusion our top 4 were Jeff in 1st place Pete in 2nd yours truly in 3rd and Lee in 4th congrats to all Oh and Jeff won big fish.

Now let’s look ahead to next month’s tournament Perdido River out of the new ramp on the Florida side. Now effective July 1 a new law takes effect basically saying that on 1 of your 5 fish can be 16 inches or longer, however there is an exception to tournaments provided you have applied for and granted a permit, there are some thing’s within the permit that I will explain at the July meeting. .

I’m not a big fan of the Perdido River so really I can’t offer a lot of Here try this or go here, the only advice I can give you is if it looks fishy, fish it. Good Luck!!

 Our Birthday boy’s for July are Tony Boyett and Thom Labelle.

 Remember it’s hot so drink plenty of water and look out for each and remember to be safe on the water and Respect where others are fishing.