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2016 Season

Founded in 1975

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Place Name Fish Weight
1. Matt Brown 9 23.36
2. Jeff Weaver 9 21.92
3. Don Jahnke 5 19.80
4. Dave Dyess 8 18.30
5. Jere Jaillie 10 15.80
6. Mack Cramer 6 15.26
7. Carlito Silviana 8 13.55
8. Terry Smith 8 12.75

Tournament Results

Also Fished:

Bob Jones, John Schaeff

Fishing as a guest: Herman Allday

Place Name Fish Weight
9. Lee Brannon 6 11.43
10. Buddy Yates 6 8.99
11. Roger Helm 3 8.23
12. John Buck 5 7.92
13. Dave Bock 2 5.95
14. Tony Boyett 3 5.80
15. Pete Potter 3 5.12
16. Cliff Armstrong 3 4.11


Hello my fellow Hawg Hunters, once again Seminole lived up to its reputation but it didn't come without some cost. On Thursday John and I went up to pre fish and wouldn't you know it Seminole got me again, this is twice I have bent a prop shaft on Lake Seminole, but I didn’t let it get me down, thanks to Herman Alday I was able to borrow his boat and fish the tournament, for you rule mongrowls and there were a couple of you, yes he had insurance, and yes we had proof of insurance in hand. Thanks Herman I really appreciated the use of your boat.

Now let's talk fishing, did you see Don Jahnke’s bag of fish on Saturday? 17 pounds and some change with an 8.42 kicker, he won big fish and the Booray pot. Good job Don, unfortunately for me I came in with only 2 fish but my partner Terry Smith brought in his first limit ever in the club. Congratulations Terry. I guess it was that excellent guide service.

After the weigh in we all headed back to the motel for our cookout and once again it was a success. John Schaeff may have a little difficulty in catching a bass but he cooks a mean hamburger and hot dogs on steroids also known as Bratworst. Good job to all who participated in the preparation and clean up. Things like this is what sets the Hawg Hunters above all other clubs, it’s not just about fishing, it's about fishing, fellowship and just all around fun.

Day 2 rolled in with clear sky’s and wind, wind, wind. Boy did it blow, but that’s what Seminole is noted for. At 12:59 pm I counted 8 boats that were in and we still had 1 still out there. Suddenly he appeared. Roger Helm had less than 1 minute to put his partner on the dock or he risked being disqualified, I can tell you it was close, as Herman’s foot hit the dock the clock chimed 1 pm, Roger that’s too close.

At the conclusion of the weigh in things had changed somewhat and here is how it ended up. Coming in 1st place was Matt Brown with 23.36 pounds. 2nd went to Jeff Weaver with 21.92 pounds. 3rd went to Don Jahnke with 19.8 pounds and rounding up the top 4 was Dave Dyess with 18.3 pounds. Congrats to the top 4! Yours truly won big fish Sunday with a 5.94 Hawg.

Our next tournament will be a Lake Jordan out of Bonner's Landing, OH Me that hill, hey I got an idea all of those members under 40 can walk up the hill to retrieve our boats for us, sounds like a plan to me. Now remember guys if you don't leave a parking spot next to the landing for me to park you will have to deal with the hill for the weigh in.

Now Lake Jordan has always been a sucker for green pumpkin on a shakey head, so make sure you have one ready. Spinner baits and crank baits have proven to be good especially near the dam when they are pulling water. So go pick your ammunition and have fun. Don't forget we have another Hawg Hunter cook out in store for us. We will be staying at the Inn of Clanton and I have our rooms ready. Now for those of you going up Thursday let me know. Also at last count there are only 7 rooms available on the back provided there isn't someone in one or two of them. So what I’m trying to tell you is if you don’t read the newsletter or answer emails you may find yourself up top or around the side somewhere. Remember 5 to 7 rooms can only go so far as it will be a first come basis.

Be safe on the water and remember to respect where others are fishing.


Birthday Boys for April Frank Kelly/Bob Jones/Cliff Armstrong/Ron Bridges/