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2016 Season

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Place Name Fish Weight
1. Jeff Weaver 3 3.87
2. Randy Cole 1 2.72
3. Jere Jaillite 1 2.12
4. Buddy Yates 1 1.40
5. Mack Cramer 1 .99

Tournament Results

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Cliff Armstrong, Jim Bailey Sr., Dave Bock, Lee Brannon, Matt Brown, Frank Dodge, Pete Potter, Terry Smith

Place Name Fish Weight


The 2015 season has come to an end and now the 2016 has started just like the 2015 ended LOUSY! Claiborne was absolutely terrible, mostly due to flood conditions. The rain that pounded the area a week to 10 days prior to the tournament proved to be what we didn’t need. Due to the river being at flood stage that left only the creeks to fish and as you know there aren’t many of those on the river. We had 14 fishermen brave enough (if you want to consider them brave and not stupid) to fish under flooding conditions. I can say this, the weigh in was quite fast. We had five anglers catch 7 fish that’s correct I said 7 fish.

Congrats to Jeff Weaver for taking 1st place with 3 fish that tipped the scales at 3.87 pounds, 2nd place went to our very own tooth extractor Randy Cole. He also had big fish that weighed 2.72 pounds. 3rd place went to Jere Jaillite with 1 fish for 2.12 pounds and rounding out the top 4 was Buddy Yates with 1 fish for 1.40 pounds. The smallest fish weighed in for the tournament was yours truly and this magnificent specimen tipped the scales at .99, go ahead laugh I can hear ya go ahead but I got 11 points for a.99 fish.

Now lets move on to what really happened at the tournament, it started Friday morning when my partner and I were in a deep conversation on whether you should one round up or round down when I went by the turn onto 17 so of course I get it from Brother Dave as I’m the first nominee for the slammer, but it isn’t over till the fat lady sings. Guess who hit a floating log, lost his engine cowling, broke off his Dolphin on his lower unit and ripped off a wire to a coil. That’s right the very one that said Oh! We have our first Slammer nominee; well I was just overtaken By DAVE BOCK. But the fat lady hasn’t finished signing, I get a call Saturday morning and its cracking day light, “hello Mack this is Lee Brannon” and we made the wrong turn and were going to be late, seems Lee decided to take the scenic tour.

As usual we all had a good time. Next month we head to Fish River, hopefully the rain will leave us alone and we can have some decent water to fish. Fish River can be one of the hottest places to fish or it can be the worst. Hopefully it will be ready to give us a good tournament. I want to remind everyone that the club banquet is the Friday night before the tournament so don’t stay out too late.

As all of you know fish river is affected by title waters thus causing feeding times to very depending on the tide movement. I personally like an outgoing tide but there are others who like incoming tides, whatever your pleasure is I’m one of us will be happy. Now things to throw, me I like white spinner baits, black buzz baits and plastics, I’m sure you have your favorites. Remember if you fish south of the bridge you must have a salt water license.

Our birthday boy for this month is Jim Baily For the past umpteen years John Buck has written John’s Club report for the Hawg Hunter newsletter. I would like to thank John for his dedication to this club. Thanks John you have been a friend since Aug of 1976 and a great club member. He has asked me to take his place and continue the report in the newsletter, I have graciously accepted and I hope I’m up to the challenge.

Be courteous to others on the water, and ask yourself “What’s in your Tackle Box”