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2016 Season

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Year to Date
Total Fish Caught:
Total Dead Fish:
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Tournament Big Fish

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2nd Place

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Fourth Place

Place Name Fish Weight
1. Cliff Armstong 10 20.66
2. Mck Cramer 10 16.58
3. Dave Dyess 10 15.51
4. Jeff Weaver 10 14.90
5. Buddy Yates 10 14.59
6. Tony Boyett 10 14.18
7. Roger Helm 10 13.99
8. Pete Potter 10 13.37
9. Dave Bock 10 12.43
10. Carlito Silvania 10 12.29

Tournament Results

Also Fished:

Hooyah! Everyone Caught Fish

Place Name Fish Weight
11. John Buck 8 12.09
12. Bob Jones 8 11.97
13. Terry Smith 10 11.48
14. Dave Nason 8 11.21
15. Jere Jaillite 8 11.21
16. John Schaeff 7 8.08
17. Thom Labelle 7 7.9
18. Don Jahnke 5 6.95
19. Frank Dodge 2 2.14


Hey Guy’s this months From the Tackle Box is being brought to from Table Rock Lake, its 730 in the morning and I’m in our condo on the lake looking out across the lake, no wind 60 degrees and the lake is calling me so if there is a sudden interruption is this report I’m on the Lake.

 I want to thank you for allowing me to serve as your tournament director for another year as always I will always keep the clubs best interest at heart.

Apalachicola was a very good tournament with limit after limit caught, I just can’t understand why we don’t go there more often, but we don’t so let’s move on to November out of Boat Yard.

Normally we go in the hotter months which make the fishing really difficult. Now the temperatures are cooler and the water temp is cooler and the fall fishing pattern should be in full swing, which means the bait fish should be moving to the back of creeks and of course the bass follow the food source, now if there are no creeks well you can figure it out. Now of course the ole black worm is a good bait but don’t cut out your green pumpkins and june bugs . As usual the buzz bait can be productive along with white spinner baits.

I’m sure you probably have your favorites but the bottom line is “Lets Have Fun” and remember always be courteous to other fishermen and respect where they are fishing.