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2016 Season

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Place Name Fish Weight
1. Roger Helm 10 18.58
2. Jeff Weaver 10 18.54
3. John Buck 9 14.59
4. Pete Potter 10 14.53
5. Tony Boyett 10 13.51
6. Bob Jones 9 12.89
7. Brian Nall 7 12.32
8. Matt Brown 9 11.87

Tournament Results

Also Fished:

Herman Allday
Guest - Keith Ford - 3 fish - 5.80 lbs

Place Name Fish Weight
9. Dave Bock 7 11.73
10. Lee Brannon 8 10.15
11. Mack Cramer 5 7.14
12. Dave Nason 5 6.15
13. Cliff Armstrong 4 5.74
14. Kevin Simmons 4 5.51
15. Dave Dyess 3 3.87
16. Marion Johnson 3 3.13


 O It’s Fish off time, yes our annual tournament to determine the final standings for the year will be held October 22, 23 on the Apalachicola River.  This tournament also brings with it our annual steak cook out on Saturday so remember bring a knife. John Buck and Dave Nason will be our chefs cooking our steaks to perfection.  Most of us have fished this river system before and probably have some spots we like, however I found that in the lower part of the river fishes (south of the landing towards the Bay) much like the Tensaw delta, white spinner baits, Junebug finesse worms and DOA”s, as you move up the river again it’s like Tensaw, trick worms, crank baits and spinner baits, then there is the Lake with some creeks running into it. Tannic water can be found in the creeks. These creeks are especially good when there is an outgoing tide, my bait of choice is the Bang O Lure, tie one on!!!!!.

Don’t forget the top 10 get in the money.
Good Luck

Our birthday boy’s for Oct are     Rick Howard

I hope From the Tackle Box has been informative for the past year, I have enjoyed throwing out little tid bits of info your way, and remember when you’re out fishing be courteous to other fishermen and respect where they are fishing